I have hundreds of sticks, brushes, mallets, beaters… you name it – and my studio is not that large. One question for all percussive friends and colleagues: How do you keep your mallets organized? In cases, stands on the wall, boxes, bags? How? I have kept them in large plastic boxes, but it’s impossible to find a mallet at the bottom of the box, without having to spread them in the floor (and becoming increasingly anguished with the mess…). Looking forward to your feedback and help! Cheers!


6 Responses to Keep your mallet organized! How? (HELP!)

  1. I have a bunch of these hanging on my wall and on my marimba: http://www.steveweissmusic.com/product/liberty-i-mallet-bag-01m/drum-stick-mallet-bag

    So I have the mallets and sticks I use regularly (and semi-regularly) in those, and the sticks I almost never use in cardboard boxes.

    But yeah, I can definitely relate to your problem…

  2. Thanks Anders – that’s exactly what I do. I just had my good friend Carlos Augusto send me a design for something very cool to hang on the wall. Want a copy via email?

  3. Yes, please!

    I actually enjoy going through my mallet collection from time to time and try to organize them. It never really works out, though… :-P

  4. Sending you the file now – I used to enjoy going through my mallet collection. Used to… not anymore :-)

  5. Thanks!

    This is definitely something to look into.

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