I am currently undergoing a vibes madness. Enjoying playing this instrument – a lot! And I see my burton callus polishing up slowly. Also playing the old juicy M55gold – mellow yet fat and sensitive: and that great soft feel to the keyboard. Now, the problem is: good vibes pieces. It’s probably me (from having neglected this instrument for a while) but I am really not aware of some great recent vibes solos. And what about concerti? So, from anyone out there – any great vibes solos, chamber music or concerti I should be aware of?


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  1. Hi! You should check out the percussion concerto “Das War Schön”, by the Norwegian composer Rolf Wallin. If I remember correctly, it’s written for vibes, marimba plus some almglocken and crotales. There’s a recording on Naxos.

    Other than that, I don’t really know many pieces for vibraphone…

  2. Thanks Anders! Hope all is well.

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