Last 4th October a new project was kick started: a new duo with composer/laptop/electronic artist extraordinaire: Ricardo Guerreiro. I am very excited about this – Ricardo has an incredible ear and has great ideas for the process. It will be close to an hour long performance with solo marimba and live electronics. Further developments here – and for now, have a listen to some of our first experiments: a recording of a series of short improvisations, as food for thought for the composer. Click here to listen to an excerpt from improvisation #1 and enjoy (hopefully!).


2 Responses to New project kick start!

  1. N. Aroso says:

    Enjoy , concerteza!! Um forte abraço.

  2. Abraços e obrigado, Nuno – e 2ª semana de Dezembro teremos o “final edit” do Takemitsu pronto. Darei notícias. p

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