I did NOT know this existed: WORLDS FASTEST DRUMMER (WFD): how ignorant can one be!

Forget about the NBA, MBL, NHL or whatever: this is the real deal. And of capital importance to musical aesthetics, development of human soul and generally saving the planet. And please do not, above all, do not confuse the real WFD with other WFD’s of minor importance, such as: World Development Federation, World Dart Federation, Windows Drive Foundation, eteceteraaaaaa…

AND I learnt all about Art Verdi (perhaps related to the composer), who was the first person in history to break 1,100 strokes in 60 seconds — but, did he use four mallets???? AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Can I apply for this WFD with four mallets???? Cause I can do a mean set of double lateral rolls (12 43 12 43, etc, quite a lot…) and reckon I can poop all over that world record!!

Get all set and ready to check out Art’s triplets!



  1. HAHA! great post. I have been hearing about this WFD stuff for years now. At first I thought it was just crap till I found out Dr. Gleenie was really into it. That’s right check out http://www.drumometer.com go to word from the pros. Paul Werico says my position the best. I think it is easy to say the WFD is crap till you check it out. Then it’s the shit!

    You do need to try the four mallets, but seriously do you really think you are faster than Dr. Gleenie?

    Come on? Really!!!!

  2. eat marimba says:

    John, i am sorry you even considered for a few seconds that I was bitching on WFD. Far from it! And in case you don’t know, I am going through my WSM phase (world’s slowest marimbist). I only do adagissimos. But April will be my fast month: so let’s do a competition: where do you live? Bring you drumometer and fast chops! :-p

  3. steve says:

    i used to be a reasonably fast drummer but the exhaust on my car started playing up and so now i take it down a notch. plus i got a speeding ticket the other day on the M1

    also i charge by the hour so it kinda defeats the object


    lud de dudda lud de dudda – NOT TOO FAST

  4. Joe Morgan says:

    Art Verdi is one of the greatest drummers around I respect Art Verdi and Johnny Rabb the most

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